Good Websites Are More Than Just Pretty Graphics

Here at Halifax Design Lab, we strive to create unique, engaging, creative, and effective websites. With our twelve-person team of coding and application experts, we are able to build award-winning custom websites on customer-friendly CMS (Content Management System) website platforms like WordPress. We take pride in developing one-of-a-kind, hand-coded WordPress themes, ensuring a slick, professional, stable, and secure final product. We want you to succeed, and a big part of that success is learning who your audience is, and giving them the best website experience we can deliver. Take a look at some of the diverse examples below.

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Here Are Just A Few Examples Of Our Work

Here at Logo Monster we always strive to create the best work we can, no matter what. We want to help your business, or your brand grow. Whether you’re a musician trying to get your music out there, or if you are a well-established company looking to keep up in an ever-changing digital world, we can help you put your best foot forward and make new contacts with confidence.


Logo and Website for Leather Artist Ryan McEwen, Langley, BC, Canada

The McEwen Handcraft site is everything a small independent artist’s website should be. Ryan has decided to share his passion for leatherwork with the world and start a YouTube channel that connects to an Etsy page where he can sell both physical products and templates that other leatherworkers can print out and trace onto pieces of leather. They can watch his tutorials on YouTube and work directly with the ultra-precise PDF vector templates that we develop using Adobe Illustrator. From these simple downloads, Ryan can enjoy some passive income. Once the PDFs have been uploaded, there is no more work required. He simply just keeps creating new designs that we trace and turn into finished digital products for download. Voila! Such a great revenue model.

We started by working directly with Ryan to develop his logo and brand identity. Once that was established, we mapped out his site to include all the relevant social media content that helps him stay connected to his audience. His site includes live feeds of Instagram and YouTube, as well as a direct link to his Facebook page where people can message him easily and securely. Most importantly we included an Etsy feed that feeds all the content from his shop directly into his website. One mouse-click on any product takes you to that product in his secure online Etsy store.

Website Design for ZZ Top Cover Band Cheap SunglasseZZ, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Introducing Vancouver’s premier ZZ Top cover band. This site was specifically designed to give the band all the features they’d need to show the public their media through clever content feeds that channel their Instagram and YouTube pages right into their site. We also included a special gig calendar system that allows the band, themselves, to add venues, dates, maps and all the pertinent info that the public will need to keep track of their favourite ZZ Top cover band.

Not just that, but we also designed custom section dividers that look like ripped paper instead of the normal horizontal straight-line section dividers, and the entire site is designed (like all the sites we build) to adapt to mobile devices and tablets, etc. When you view the site on smaller devices, custom photos, that are designed specifically for these smaller devices, automatically replace the larger images you see on a computer monitor. This is the power of CSS.

Then to top it all off, special animated transitions were added to the floating text, and the larger movie-poster-style text was designed with special overlaps and drop shadows to give it even more style and interest.

Note: Due to the pandemic, the band has no new videos to upload to their YouTube feed, and no new photos to upload to their Instagram feed, and no gigs to add to their Upcoming Shows, but that will change soon.

Website Overhaul for Crystalworks Gallery, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Crystalworks is a well-established business with a long history and an enthusiastic international clientele. We completely revamped their existing website, making it slick, professional, and classy, but approachable, engaging, and keeping with their reputation as a family company. The site needed to incorporate a secure CMS-based shopping cart with a shipping calculator and inventory tracking system.

Website Creation for Halifax Musician Geoff Kennedy

This site is designed to be easy for the client to maintain and update, with a gig calendar and automatic feeds for his YouTube account and his Instagram account. He can also easily input client testimonials with a slick testimonial system that has preexisting fields for maps and logos etc. It really is a simple site to maintain and even includes an auto-backup system to make the site is always secure.

Custom Hand-Coded Site for Vancouver Counsellor

For this job, the client wanted a fully responsive website but had absolutely no plans to update it regularly, and therefore did not want or require a WordPress site. So we hand-coded a custom site using HTML, PHP and CSS. The objective was to keep it clean and simple.

Website Design for British Heavy Metal Legends Witchfinder General

It’s important to know your audience and to communicate to them in a visual language they expect and appreciate. This reinforces the brand while attracting new buyers. Witchfinder General already has a well-established place as pioneers in the “Doom” music genre. The site needed to communicate that aesthetic right away, so that fans of this music not only recognize it right away but feel compelled to dive right in.